Difference Between Real Diamonds And Simulated Diamonds  

You may have heard of the saying that a diamond is a woman’s best friend. Nowadays, it seems like women will surely enjoy diamonds more. You see, real diamonds have been taken over by artificial diamonds. Simulated or artificial diamonds are not made up of the same materials as natural diamonds but their consistency and look are almost identical with a natural diamond. Outlined are the four properties that characterize diamonds.


The cut of the diamond is perhaps the most important property of the diamond. All other properties are attached to its cut, therefore, it’s given much importance. In essence, the cut of the diamond determines the kind of brilliance that it has. The cut will also determine how light will be able to reflect its many aspects. Having said that, simulated diamonds have been deemed to have the perfect cut. This is due to the fact that cut of simulated diamond reflect its entire brilliance.


The color of the diamond is likewise very important in determining its overall magnificence.Because simulated diamonds are created in man-made machines, the colors can also be altered. Different kinds of impurities are inserted in order to come up with different kinds of colors. Simulated diamonds possess the grade D in the color scale. Grade D is regarded to be the highest of all grades in the scale simply because it is the most rare of all.


Diamonds of all sorts tend to have different shades of clarity. Some diamonds can have a murky and cloudy appearance while others can have an amazing definition. Simulated diamonds are among the clearest and often have no inclusions. Real diamonds that posses no inclusions are exceptionally hard to find, not to mention very expensive.


The last property on our list is carat. The carat of a diamond describes its weight. Typically, diamonds that have a high carat are also highly valued. Along with that, diamonds that have a high carat also tend to be very expensive. With simulated diamonds, no matter what the weight of the diamond is, the price will remain significantly cheaper than a real diamond. Moreover, with simulated diamonds, you also have the option of choosing what weight of diamond you want.

As a good rule, diamonds that have a nice clean sparkle and a large volume have a great perception of value. These simulated diamonds will work to your advantage because they are so much cheaper than the real thing. Also, remember that these diamonds are virtually indistinguishable, which means no one will be able to tell the difference.

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