Coyuchi – Standing in line with Industry Giants

With the undeniable goings on of organic trends and eco-friendly advocacies in various industry sectors, small-scale companies which pioneered eco-friendly production practices are challenged, compelled to stand against bigger competitors in the market.

The arena of organic cotton and organic apparel hosts a number of the abovementioned scenarios, situations which bring about the classic “mom-and-pop store standing their ground against the bigger, more-corporate shopping venues and retail destinations” stories to life.

With bigger brands getting onboard the organic market, small-scale businesses are doing what they can to sustain their business’ continued existence.

Coyuchi, a Berkley-based pioneer in offering organic sheets in the US market, is one of them.

Spearheading the production of organic products made under fair-trade terms for over 20 years, the brand came about in response to fill the organic fabric market gap, highlighting quality items made with sophisticated designs and durable form and function variables.

With its name derived from an Aztec word used in Mexico’s southern areas, Coyuchi’s inspiring inception came from beautiful textiles made in the town of Oaxaca. The word loosely translates to naturally brown colored cotton, thus the motivation as to why the company named itself as such.

CEO Karyn Barsa took the position in 2009, and has since headed the tripling of the brand’s business, leading it to $10 million in sales. Powered by a regular employee/manpower pool of 35, the brand has a supply and production arm which takes shape in over 3000 family farms based in India.

Certified by Europe’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the brand manages to stand tall amidst newcomer giants in the game, with its strong followers and loyal customers. Driven by eco-friendly and humanitarian advocacies, Coyuchi continues to be a trusted organic brand, expanding its product lines and focus to go beyond organic sheets.

As a pioneer in the game, Coyuchi continues to be a trusted provider of organic fabric options, a standing which it is proud of, even amidst the rise of bigger players riding on the eco-sensible bandwagon.

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