The Essentials

A white faux fur capelette for your city stroll that reverses to a black silk version for a night at the opera. Puffed culottes with different colored waistbands. A double-breasted jacket that turns into a classic bolero in a second. Deploy demi-couture creates multi-functional designer clothing that accommodates the needs of modern women’s hectic lives. Each piece of the Deploy collection is adaptable – a dress becomes a skirt or a blouse becomes a shirt – with the snap of a hidden button.


Deploy is established around the philosophy of longevity and timeless style, as opposed to mass production and changing trends. Deploy’s tailored clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics including organic cotton, wool, silk, bamboo and off-cut/recycled fabrics. The design and bespoke outfits are created in their London studio, while larger production takes place in Asia.


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