When Organic comes to Sexual Accessories

The existence of sexual accessories – and the active market following them – is nothing really new.

What is new, though, is the rise of a new trend in the sexual accessories industry, one which falls in with the eco-sensible trends in organic fashion and organic apparel industries – “organic” sexual accessories.

Other Nature, a shop based in Berlin which opened its doors last year, recently made waves by specializing in the sale of sexual “tools and gadgets” made under eco-friendly and clear-conscience production standards and ideals.

From organic lubricant items, to whips made using recycled materials from used bike tires, the shop now doesn’t only cater to wares geared for a niche market, but also highlights products which are sound in the carbon footprint values left from their production.

Featuring products with no animal substances involved in their making and products which had no animal testing was involved, the shop also sports glycerine-free lubricants, with no potential allergens or parabens included in their ingredients’ listing.

Co-manager Anne Bonnie Schindler shares, “We are a sex shop, only we do it better”.

Given that there is currently no organic certification body specializing in the certification and assessment of sexual accessories and related items, the shop and its wares can be described as an eco-friendly initiative, one whose source of inception is no different from the inspiration which has given way to the rise of organic fashion items, clothing and accessories.

Though far from being a mainstream and in-demand class of item/service, the driving force behind the shop is one that shares a lesson: any industry can go green and be organic, not for the sake of standing out, but in spreading the valuable message of conservation and environmental awareness.

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