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Sustainability meets urban fashion. A stylistic marriage made in comfort, producing cashmere-soft and naturally strong clothing from Hemp Hoodlamb’s own unique blends of hemp and other eco-friendly fabrics.

Traces of surfer life and an independent creative mindset reveal the labels’ origins (HoodLamb founders Douglas Mignola and Adam Dunn are originally from California and New York), but HoodLambs’ head quarters and design studio are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Quality, comfort and innovative design are trademarks of the HoodLamb Collection. Whether you are plowing through a meter of snow in your drive-way or need to warm up quickly after a chilly session in the surf, you can rely on HoodLamb to keep you warm and comfortable in style. HoodLamb has a fresh, laid-back vibe with an eye toward practical features like water-proofing and functional pockets.

When it comes to design, HoodLamb doesn’t follow the hypes of the fashion world, but creates apparel that never goes out of style and remains a wardrobe favorite year after year. Their range of Winter Jackets has gained a large following with even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson and Michael Franti amongst their fans.


Riding the first wave of sustainable technology, Hemp Hoodlamb pioneered through creating its own blends of eco-fabrics to create high-performance clothing. Their Cruelty Free Fur has been named as one of the softest and most comfortable fur alternatives available in various design reviews. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, they hope to create awareness about sustainable production and consumption and demonstrate that fashion and sustainability can be combined into one entity.

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Drop by their Amsterdam store Hemp Works, or Check online at Hemp Hoodlamb.

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