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The serene inspiration of Hindu culture melds beautifully with the Western influences of Moorish and Roman architecture, Flamenco costumes, and Art Deco style to create In Harmony’s distinctive look. A trip to Bali inspired In Harmony’s designer Antonina Ramsey to learn the traditional art of Batik making, which she soon incorporated into her international aesthetic to create subtly sexy, sophisticated clothing. European style with international ethnic vibe, simple cuts, luxe fabrics, and quiet sophistication. In Harmony indulges the inner artist dying to express herself with unique, made-to-order pieces. Termed ready to wear ‘street couture’, In Harmony’s collection of signature pieces and luxury apparel is crafted from pearlescent hand-woven silk made in Indonesia.


In Harmony is committed to incorporating low-impact processing and fair trade practices in all aspects of manufacture. Silk from sustainably harvested mulberry tree cocoons is hand or machine-spun into raw silk that is woven in traditional artisanal workshops. Sewing co-ops and plant based, low impact dyes are also used to create a very responsible final product.


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