Tianello – Natural Tencel for one and all

When talking about natural fibers which accent and enhance body figures, tencel is quite well established, derived from the cellulose found in wood pulp.

Tianello, a leader in the natural accessories and apparel items, is at the forefront of tencel-made garments line for men, women and children, as well as an industry leader in the use of organic cotton, bamboo-derived fabrics, and silk.

If natural standards, comfort and luxurious styles are what you’re after from a brand, Tianello’s got a lot in store for you.

Tianello – Over 27 Years and Still Going

Founded in 1983 by Steve Barraza, Tianello’s products have long been associated with dignified looks, modern cut designs and are known as “feel good” apparel items, with products for men, women and children.

With cuts and styles designed to flatter the human form, Tianello stands as one of the earliest pioneers of the “garment dying practice”, and with tencel being an environment and energy friendly fabric, the brand is one of the longest running eco-friendly brands in the world.

With distinct textures and beautiful prints, Tianello works with Tencel, Bemberg, organic cotton, silk and more, producing quality apparel wear which are truly soft and comfy, apart from being made under the most eco-friendly of advocacies and inclinations.

With over 2000 specialty stores based in various locations in the United States and in Canada, the brand’s reach extends the borders of Los Angeles, where Tianello’s headquarters and main production facilities are based.

All in all, Tianello raises the bar in the areas of high luxurious fashion and in natural, eco-sensible clothing tastes, styles and sensibilities.

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