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Streetwise and sexy, with a strong positive attitude—that’s Dutch jeans brand Kuyichi. Their perfect-fit jeans range from skinny high waist to rough bootleg, hippy flare to contemporary carrot. Add to this their cute tops and handsome men’s shirts, and you’re sure to look cutting edge, stylish and smart. According to Bono, Kuyichi was the main inspiration for his own eco brand Edun.


Back in 2001, when Dutch NGO Solidaridad tried to convince fashion brands to start using organics and nobody was interested, Kuyichi was born. Together with Solidaridad, Kuyichi has built a strong production chain of organic cotton farmers and fair trade manufacturers. As a response to the growth in eco labels, Solidaridad has started shadow label Made-By, which Kuyichi has been a member of from the start.


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