Study NY – More Than Just a Label

From trompe l’oeil details to quirky-cool prints, Study NY is certainly more than just a high-fashion label. Study NY is also a standard bearer in the organic fashion industry as a whole.

Utilizing organic cotton and hand-dyed fabrics, Study NY also advocates the use of recycled materials in the creation of its pieces, and extends its eco-friendly advocacies to its production strategies and norms.

With everything made locally in its New York-based headquarters, Study NY utilizes a no-waste pattern-making system in its operations, ensuring that the brand isn’t just about offering organic eco-friendly products made under sustainable methods and modes, but also about eco-friendly sustainability and best practices all throughout all areas of its operations.

With lead designer Tara St James (who was once connected with the eco-friendly sportswear brand, Covet), Study NY features city-friendly clothing and apparel pieces, each boasting fashion sensibilities and the practical fits and needs from clothing in everyday city life.

From basic shirts to shirt dresses, high-waisted shorts to conventional shorts, Study NY highlights a broad variety of clothing items which can be worn for day-to-day office use to special garbs for social gatherings and celebrations.

St James, apart from being Study NY’s designer, is also an active participant of various mentorship programs geared in introducing more eco-sensible designers. She is also Fashion Director of The Uniform Project, which is essentially a fundraising venue which utilizes sustainable fashion design-elements in raising funds to benefit underprivileged children.

If you’re on the lookout for an organic brand that goes beyond simply offering products, Study NY might just be your fit.

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