Hanes’ EcoSmart – Smart fibers for smart wearers

The utilization of recycled plastic bottles is often associated in the environmentally aware production standards of plastic-ware items, but in no way does this mean that this is the farthest recycled plastic bottles can be reused.

Recycled plastic bottles can be used in the creation of fabrics, as Hanes’ EcoSmart fibers have long revealed and established.

EcoSmart and Hanes

In line with Hanes’ environmental advocacies and corporate social responsibilities roster, EcoSmart stands to be one of the brand’s more well known eco-friendly initiatives, which is partnered by the brand’s practice of utilizing excess cotton items in the creation of socks and other small-size cotton products.

EcoSmart fibers, derived from recycled plastic bottles, is used to create fleece jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants and shits, and is also used in the creation of athletic socks, matched with recycled cotton (at 55%), taken from excess cotton coming from the making of other products.

Initially launched in 2010, EcoSmart by Hanes has held a solid line of followers, not only because of EcoSmart items’ environmental advocacies, but also for the line’s comfort and durability factors.

Hanes’ eco-friendly initiatives haven’t only revolved around the use of recycled materials and organic hemp for its products, but have also taken other packaging aspects into consideration.

For one, the brand has taken steps in minimizing the size of how their products are packaged, folding them in ways which use lesser amounts of packaging material. The corrugated cardboard used in product packaging is also made with recycled materials, which contributes the lessening of paper-product wastage figures.

All in all, Hanes’, apart from being a trusted brand for quality cotton items, is also aware of Mother Nature’s current state, and with its EcoSmart line and in-brand advocacies, manifests the brand’s determination to make a difference.

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