Alabama Chanin – An Eco-friendly brand you can trust

With products made and designed in Florence, Alabama, Alabama Chanin works with eco-conscious hands, featuring a wide range of handmade apparel and lifestyle items, made using a combination of organic and recycled materials.

Highlighting denim wear, fashion accessories, beadwork derived apparel items, wedding dresses, placemats and quilts, the brand gives emphasis on the value of “slow design”, a countermovement opposed to the non-stick trade in “fast fashion”.

Sustainability is also a point kept on top of Alabama Chanin’s priorities, along with consideration for the short and long term impact and relevance of designs. Taking a wide range of social factors and materials in designing its quality items, Alabama Chanin isn’t just about quantity, but more in to endearing quality.

Alabama Chanin’s DIY Kits – Worthy of Mention

Apart from producing quality organic material-made products, Alabama Chanin also features DIY Kits, where buyers are offered guides on how to hand sew clothing items, even to “make you own Alabama Chanin” item.

This may not exactly entice most retail inclined of fashionistas, but in the spirit of defining and personalizing styles, Alabama Chanin raises the preconception of the “your style” phrase by truly making your style yours from cutting fabrics to sewing them.

Elegant stitches, intricate embroideries, and base templates as the foundation, couture creations can spring from Alabama Chanin’s DIY Kits, a feature which lives up to the brand’s “sustainable life, sustainable style” advocacies.

Emphasis over the use of eco friendly materials in apparel items doesn’t really require lengthy discussions. However, the aspect of “slow design” does hold merit points in relation to the use and refuse hailing from fashion oriented products, definitive that can only come from a brand whose advocacies are all inclined towards sustainable ideals.

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