Rapanui’s newest Eco-clothing Collection

The UK-based eco fashion brand, Rapanui, recently announced the launch of its newest collection, highlighting various tops and apparel products made from eco fabric-derived materials.

Produced with the aid of wind turbines, the brand also uses fabrics made from Eucalyptus, apart from its organic cotton-based fabrics.

The use of eco-textiles has long been a Rapanui trademark, an indelible mark which has made Rapanui an award winning maker of clothing and apparel items made with the most eco-friendly man-made fibers.

Last year, Rapanui’s Co2 emissions dropped by 80% at production levels, a figure that hails from the brand’s wind powered factory. The new collection showcases new prints and new styles, with items such as shoes, cardigans and sweats.

This year, Rapanui has beefed up its supply chain traceability maps, which had garnered a number of awards for the brand last year. From purchases online, brand advocates can gain details related to the sources of materials for products, from seed to shop.

Intent on merging high fashion with doable sustainability, Rapanui’s attention to design details, wardrobe functionality and utility, and overall sturdy and rugged for wear and tear features has drawn the attentions of fashionistas from all over the world.

Its adherence to environmental sustainability, environment friendly production standards and the implementation of innovations geared to maximize production with the least amount of carbon emissions have basically put Rapanui on the map, along with its impressive line of offered organic and eco-friendly wares.

The latest from Rapanui asserts the brand’s continued advocacy of curtaining to the demands of high fashion trends, at the same time aware of what our ecosystem can benefit from the best practices of environmental initiatives and programs.

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