Blue Fish Clothing – Organic, all the way

Recently celebrating its 25 year anniversary, Blue Fish Clothing continues to be abreast with the challenges faced in the sector it thrives in.

Famed for its consistently superb release of hand-painted organic material-made women’s clothing collections, Jennifer Barclay, founder of Blue Fish Clothing, started the brand with the decision to develop clothes which weren’t only comfortable for her, but also bore elements which spoke volumes of her style sensibilities while making her happy.

It success, as told by its active history, revealed that many women did want the same thing from apparel and clothing items, with vibrant artistic styles and products which are playful yet functional, easy-to-wear and appealing to various ages without the “trying hard to look good” effect.

Going organic, Blue Fish Clothing further raised the bar on its offered takes of quality products, with items developed from the use of natural fibers, organic fibers and recycled cotton products.

Working with local artisans in the production of product designs and output conventions, Blue Fish Clothing is based in the USA, consistent in invigorating the practice of sustainable manufacturing and committed in releasing products made to work with various patterns, tones, cuts and styles.

The brand has left an indelible mark in the USA’s organic fashion and apparel industry, with Blue Fish Clothing and Barclay herself having been featured in various programs and conventions.

With Blue Fish Clothing, going organic has never been easier, combining the best elements of style and the best practices of eco-friendly standards put all in one in one brand name.

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