Eco-Friendly Swimwear Options – 5 of 5

Meadow is the last feature entry in our top five eco-friendly swimwear options series, but as the old saying goes – its being the last makes it far from being the least.

Meadow – Live Free, Be Eco Chic

With products made in Miami, Meadow also has a studio and shop based in Pavones, Costa Rica, giving it a distinct take over urban city jungle life and real life jungle life.

Drawing design inspirations from its combined city-and-jungle sights, the brand highlights a wide range of organic eco-friendly clothing options, with focus on the value of local production and sourcing of materials.

Working with sustainable materials, Meadow features apparel items made from organic cotton, bamboo-derived textiles, soy-based fabrics and materials produced from upcycled sources.

From skirts to shirts, the brand also sports a swimwear line, with wrap bikinis and braided bikinis. With its diverse selection of organic clothing options, Meadow’s swimwear line complements its available everyday casual wear features, which allows wearers the option in picking similarly colored and unified by designed swimwear and after-swimwear items.

Apart from featuring items made under sustainable and organic norms, Meadow is also active in various environmental initiatives, such as taking part in the planting of 2000 hardwood trees in Costa Rica, and working with Treemendous Miami.

Far from simply being a fashion label, Meadow’s eco-inclined drives are geared to reinforce the most eco-conscious, as well as sate the wants of the most swimwear cut and design demanding.

And so that ends our feature takes on top five eco-friendly swimwear options.

Here’s hoping you’ll get to wear any of them this year, as you head down for your fun in the sun.

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