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What’s a better way to support animal protection organizations and other good causes than to give them money? Wear the T-shirt! In partnership with non-profit organizations, Positivitee creates sweet designs, which they silkscreen onto T-shirts, and donate 10% of their profits to the relevant organization. Aside from their tees, which are a big success in yoga studios and spas, they offer a bestselling Signature Wrap.


Positivitee’s tag line is “clothing with meaning” and they truly mean that. All tees are 100% organic with water-based dyes. Each T-shirt carries a label with information on the charity it’s dedicated to and the words “I support ……(name of the charity)” printed inside. Positivitee is FLO certified, and as member of the CarbonFund it also offsets its carbon-shipping footprint.


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