Sans Soucie

The Essentials

What’s in a name? Katherine Soucie calls her label Sans Soucie, a play on the French phrase for ‘without a care.’ The hand crafted clothing and textiles exhibit a rather sincere appreciation of technique and design. Sans Soucie transforms a unique material: recycled hosiery, into whispery garments that float along the body. Offering impressionistic one of a kind and limited run collections, Sans Soucie reflects a modern take on texture and textiles with gossamer-thin layers of expertly dyed and patterned nylon that is both delicate and sensual. The accessories line is equally popular with arm bands, knee high socks, and hand painted footless tights.


Sans Soucie transforms a waste material, nylon hosiery, into durable, machine washable clothing. Fabrics are treated with non-toxic pigments and low impact dyes.


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