Origin of Organic Fashion

What the heck is organic fashion? The truth is I didn’t even know what it means until I came across stories about drop dead gorgeous Brad Pitt and other Hollywood celebrities who have actively involved themselves in campaigns for saving the planet and going green. Fashion enthusiasts define organic fashion as a growing philosophy in trend sustainability. To put it simply, it is taking environmental impact and social responsibility into consideration for creating products such as clothes, bags and accessories.

And out of curiosity I began to ask who invented it in the first place. To my surprise, organic fashion is actually not an entirely new fad. Believe it or not, it was introduced just as regular clothing was made known to mankind. This means that this kind of clothing can be traced back in history when cavemen had started wearing clothes and definitely right before harmful substances such as pesticides, antibiotics and other genetic modification were introduced. The most organic of its kind are the skins of the animals that they hunted as well as large tree leaves that women had sewed together during prehistoric times, used to cover their bodies and protect them from the heat of the sun or the cold at night.

However in the modern sense, organic clothing was re-introduced around 1990. Recently, the use of alternative fibers has been accepted as a new trend. Organic bamboo and hemp are being used as fabric. Natural fibers such as cellulose and plant fibers are are also being used as they are abundant and are non-petroleum based. Others use reclaimed fibers made from scraps of fibers collected from clothing factories. These are processed back into short ones for spinning into new ones

Looking back at how this kind of fashion trend has taken flight in the 90’s and how it has become a widely acceptable craze in the market today, I believe that environmentalist cause to save mother earth and battle cry for social responsibility is slowly paying off. Personally, it has opened my eyes to a few realities which includes proactively understanding how my clothes are made and buy those that do not contribute to environmental degradation.

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