Celebrities Going Green

Nothing is ever constant in the trends that celebrities define. The media consistently shows varying trends in music, movies, diets, and lifestyle— most especially in fashion. Celebrities exposed to the public eye set the trend that affects their fans’ consumer identity. Luckily, celebrities are acknowledging their influence and are creating awareness to the value of sustainable fashion. Also known as “eco-fashion”, Wikipedia defines it as a “growing fashion philosophy that promotes sustainability in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.”

Now, a number of Tinseltown’s It girls, heart-throbs and heavyweights are creating waves that will seal the presence of eco-friendly fashion in pop culture.

British actress, Emma Watson known for her portrayal of the spunky and genius witch, Hermoine Granger of the Harry Potter installment has involved herself in pushing for the use of organic and eco-friendly materials in the fashion industry. She has collaborated with People Tree in the UK and Italian designer Alberta Feretti in promoting ethical and sustainable fashion. The young starlet has also traveled to Bangladesh in her support for fair trade practices that will “help people in the world’s most marginalized communities escape poverty and promote sustainability.” (Ref. People Tree)

During the British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA), Shame actor and BAFTA Best Actor winner Michael Fassbender wore an Armani suit made from ethical wool and recycled materials. Meanwhile during the 84th Academy Awards, Colin Firth re-used his Tom Ford suit also made from eco-friendly materials. The British actor wore the same suit from the previous year when he won the Oscar for Best Actor in his portrayal of King George VI in the “King’s Speech”.

Meryl Streep, Hollywood’s Golden Girl proved golden in talent and heart when she wore a Lanvin drape gown of gold-lamé which was made from “eco-certified material” during the Oscars of 2012 as she received her award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her fiery and spot-on portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the “Iron Lady”. Among the other artists who supported Livia Firth’s “Green Carpet Challenge” were Missy Pyle from The Artist and Kenneth Branagh from “My Week with Marilyn” who splashed green on the red-carpet event.

Other celebrities associated to sustainable fashion are Brad Pitt and his ex and current lady loves Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

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