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Soham Dave has established his contemporary womens clothing line, followed by a handbag collection and handmade jewelry line. Soham Dave is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand in New York City, fusing the old and the new, classic and contemporary, and ancient organic and urban lifestyles.


Soham Dave combines the dual roles of environmentalist and social entrepreneur by promoting local artisans, using traditional eco-friendly production techniques, and fair trade to offer a contemporary range of lifestyle products for the conscious urban consumer with a focus on biodegradable fabrics, recycled materials, and hand-crafted items.

Soham Dave found his niche in combining fashion and craft during his time at SEWA, an NGO company working with marginalized craft artisans. There he explored heritage Indian skills, including hand embroidery, hand block printing and hand weaving, and creatively applied them to contemporary silhouettes.

Soham Dave currently works closely with local artisans from remote villages in India where workers are paid a fair wage.

Pieces of fabric that are left over from the apparel line are transformed into jewelry items.

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