Deepika Govind’s Denim Green

Designer and textile-maker Deepika Govind recently celebrated the launch of a wide range of eco-friendly denims, dubbed as “Denim Green”.

Primarily adding a new entry into her established line of eco-friendly clothing, apparel and fabric selections, Govind’s Denim Green comes in ready to wear cuts, as well as optional selections for made to order cuts for those who’re more inclined to have tailored wear options.

“It’s a project that I have been working on for the past four and a half years. But it took me some time to bring it onto the shelf. I think the first need to start developing denim was that a lot of clients would see some of my designs and ask if I’d make that in denim for them. And I’ve seen the forecast; it’s denim and denim and more denim for the next four or five years,” shares Govind.

Utilizing organic cotton with environment friendly dyes, Denim Green denims are not bleached, with its indigo denim hues processed using variant modes of vegetable dyeing procedures.

Affordable, the highlight dyed denims by Denim Green may not be 100% natural in terms of their coloring modes, but the selection wears have passed a number of safety and eco-friendly certification standards and requirements.

Apart from the iconic jeans, Denim Green also showcases denim dresses and tops, along with a selection of bags made with the same eco-friendly fabrics utilized in all Denim Green products.

As an organic jeans option, Denim Green efficiently satisfies eco-friendly fashion and apparel pretexts, bundled within reasonable price terms ideal for the average jeans-wearer.

If organic denim is your thing, check out what Denim Green has and find out what the brand has in store for you.

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