The most “Sustainable Suit” by Marks & Spencer

In living up to the norms, standards and aspirations of eco-friendly sustainable fashion, countless brands are implementing shifts and changes, geared in facilitating the creation of the most eco-friendly fashion and/clothing items possible.

Marks & Spencer (M&S), one of the world’s most recognized clothing retailers, recently came up with the world’s most “sustainable suit”, combining a suit that is entirely made from sustainable materials – from the suit’s lining to its buttons.

Well cut and made under the strictest of quality standards, the suit took years to develop with a team of M&S experts devoted in ensuring that all of its aspects are made by sustainable norms.

“This a huge step forwards for the industry; it is the first time such an intricate garment has been made of sustainable materials, and as well as being one of the greenest garments available on the high street, it is incredibly stylish and something we hope our customers will be proud to wear,” shares Mark Sumner, M&S Plan A Sustainable Raw Material Expert.

The suit features organic wool used in its making, along with the utilization of recycled plastic bottles used for its lining. Reclaimed buttons had been used for its buttons, and its pockets and waistbands are made from reclaimed fabrics. The canvas utilized in the main inside body of the suit is made from recycled polyester, and even its labels are made from recycled polyester too.

The suit also has Quick Response (QR) Codes printed on the suit label, which consumers can scan using their smartphones. The code can then lead users to detailed information regarding the suit, with information regarding the materials used in its construction.

To launch within the year, the “Sustainable Suit” by M&S is quite smart in terms of looks, and smart in terms of how it is made.

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