Fair Indigo Review – The Brand for Smart Eco-Conscious Women

Established in 2006, Fair Indigo is one eco friendly brand which has gone far, founded with people in mind along with the creation of quality organic and eco-sustainable fashion and apparel items which don’t only look good but feel good too.

Also advocates of fair trade practices, the exploitation of workers and craftsmen won’t ever be ascribed as a link with Fair Indigo, given the brand’s intent in giving everyone involved in the creation of its products his/her due.

Fair Indigo – Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Via word of mouth advertising, Fair Indigo has grown a strong following based in the United States and the rest of the world.

Reusing and opting for organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, as well as utilizing reclaimed materials geared for the construction of clothing and accessories products, Fair Indigo’s designs are also tuned to the times, with cuts and prints made for the smart eco-conscious woman.

Apart from its impressive women’s wear line, Fair Indigo also highlights a babies wear collection too, making it the ideal brand for mamas and papas in search for organic baby clothing and apparel accessories.

With its Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. philosophy, Fair Indigo is not only efficient and streamlined in its design, development and overall operations, but is also prices its products reasonably, a feature which comes as an edge for Fair Indigo and its followers.

Broadening economic opportunities and horizons in the United States and in various communities based in different parts of the world, Fair Indigo gives all it touches the respect they deserve, with Mother Earth being its main “beneficiary”.

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