Lenzing’s MicroModal Edelweiss Review

Implementing an environmentally sound and safe production process, Arula Textile Solutions and Hermann Bühler AG are the first manufacturers to come up with production-grade samples of Lenzing’s MicroModal Edelweiss, a type of fabric/fiber which features impressive softness and color brilliance without any eco downsides.

Similarly performing with Lenzing’s conventional Modal fibers, the MicroModal Edelweiss is produced under chemical process terms which don’t require the involvement of oxygen, which translates to better environmental implications. With more brilliant colors and with softer end results, the fiber is pegged to be the material of choice which suits best with the special ecological requirements of certain brand names and their followers.

“Throughout the entire production process, attention can be paid to environmental protection,” shares Andreas Dorner of Lenzing.

“This technology combined with environmental advantages, such as carbon-neutrality, a low need for land and a replenishable raw material of natural origins, makes Lenzing Modal Edelweiss truly an ecological fibre,” Dorner further shares.

With the popularity of Lenzing’s products, the release and production standards of the MicroModal Edelweiss is one which comes as great news for the eco-friendly fashion and clothing industries.

Lenzing’s Tencel and Modal, among its cellulosic-type fibers, have been phenomenal successes, with their demand figures having tripled since year 2000, found being utilized in the creation of various roducts, from home textiles, sportswear products (blended variations) and children’s clothing.

With the rising demand for Lenzing’s Modal fiber, the new MicroModal Edelweiss promises to make a difference in the fiber production industry, with eco-sensibility being at the core of its production’s operational flow and dynamic.

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