Eco-fashion Criteria – Brief Definition of Terms

As broad and as generic the term “eco-fashion” is, a number of terms linked to its production, development and release have come about, geared to help users better understand the products offered to them.

However, as many and as diverse as these terms are, many consumers find themselves confused over these criteria.

If you’re among the many who are lost with what eco-fashion criteria terms mean, here’s a brief definition of terms touching up on the most commonly encountered eco-fashion terms/criteria.

Artisan/Craft-Class Products – Artisan or Craft-class eco-fashion products are products which involve the skills of talented artisans, like embroidery or traditional fabric/textile staining processes.

As eco-fashion products, they are often valued because of the non-involvement of machinery in their creation.

Vegan – to the tune of vegan sensibilities, vegan eco-fashion products are made without the involvement of any animal-derived materials like leather or any form of animal tissue.

One popular eco-friendly vegan eco-friendly product would be “vegetal leather jackets”, which are derived from the use of rubber plants, in the creation of a leather substitute.

Fair Trade Certified – when a given eco-fashion brand/product is “Fair Trade Certified”, the certification means that the brand/product don’t advocate the exploitation of workers, promoting the codes and standards of ideal international labor terms.

Fair Trade primarily focuses on how goods are exported to developed nations from developing nations, and ensures that production facilities and production manpower terms are well within fair and humane grounds.

Organic – as the definitive criteria for eco-fashion products, organic items are simply identified as products made with natural materials, whose development/harvesting doesn’t involve any chemicals and/or pesticides.

Recycled – with recycled eco-fashion products, anything that is made with reused materials falls into the recycled criteria. From fibers to reworked clothing items, recycled eco-fashion products are often paired with organic standard products.

So there you have it. A brief description of the most commonly encountered eco-fashion terms. Do well in keeping the abovementioned definitions in mind when you’re out to beef up your eco-fashion wardrobe.

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