Fjäll Raven’s Novel Award Winning Jacket

Winning the Novel Award during the Outdoor Trade Show, a membrane jacket developed by outdoor wear specialist Fjäll Raven recently bagged a number of accolades, defining the award as one which isn’t just in honor of the said jacket’s impressive features and eco-friendly construction standards, but also honors the new standards of waterproofing clothing items with fluorine-free finishes.

Developed by Rudolf Chemie, the Bionic-Finish Eco standard was ascribed as a winning point in the jacket’s awarding, which works with hyper-branched polymers in effectively waterproofing certain fabrics and textiles without the utilization of fluorine.

Simply put, Rudolf Chemie’s Bionic-Finish Eco replicates a “branched system” or structure found in plants, utilizing wax-like residues in effectively waterproofing certain fibers. Working on a system that is similar to who lotus leaves are structured, the technology is rapidly gaining a lot of attention, given its eco-friendly upsides over the older ascribed norms of making fabrics and textiles water repellent.

With waterproofing being an often looked for feature-factor in outdoor wear products, the utilization of flurosurfactants has been an old standard, one which is known to potentially yield PFOS and PFOA by-products.

A fluorine-free solution comes as great news for brands or products which require waterproofing technologies, sans the environmental implications associated with their construction.

Known to have negative impact in the accumulation of bio-toxics in aquatic ecosystems and in the overall environment, the concern of PFOS and PFOA getting into the environment is greatly reduced with fluorine-free standards, practically bringing up a “win-win” scenario, where products which should be waterproof remain to be waterproof, as the environment remains to be free from damaging pollutants and toxins.

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