The EFF’s Source Awards 2012

The final application deadline for the Ethical Fashion Forum-organized Source Awards 2012 is slated to happen on July 31, 2012.

Brands boasting eco-friendly standards in the creation of fashion and apparel products are encouraged to take part in this year’s Source Awards, which remains to be one of the world’s most respected awards for ethical fashion.

Free to enter and not limited to business organizations, the Source Awards also calls for individuals who are engaged in the design, development and release of eco-friendly products.

Steered by the Ethical Fashion Forum, this year’s Source Awards highlights includes categories touching up on brand leadership over men’s/women’s/children’s wear, design innovation, individual contribution, manufacturing and retail processes/operations.

As an award, the Source Awards recognizes the most inspirational and most innovative individuals, business organizations and/or initiatives which are inclined to further propel the eco-sensible and eco-sustainable standards in the fashion industry.

Not just an award positioned to merit brands with aesthetic medals, the Source Awards represents the growing concern and active involvement of various players in the fashion and apparel industry, focusing on the overall impact and future implications linked with the ecologically unstable and unsafe production sites and manufacturing standards.

Given the fact that sustainable standards in the development of fashion items are relevant and important in keeping Mother Earth’s ecologic balance in check, the Source Awards recognizes and gives due merit to those who are constantly innovating and finding environmentally safer and better ways of producing fashion products.

With the increasing demand for clothing and accessories items, going eco-friendly stands to be a choice which fashion industry players have to think about, given the potential damage it could cause if left unchecked.

More than just an award, the Source Award is a bastion that stands up for Mother Earth.

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