Russia’s First Eco Fashion Week

With eco-fashion sensibilities rapidly gaining momentum in different parts of the world, a number of nations are celebrating their organized debut eco fashion week festivities, as others have been doing for years.

Moscow’s First Eco Fashion Week would be one of the most recently organized.

Held at the Botanical Apothecary’s Garden in Moscow State University, the first Eco Fashion week in Russia highlighted the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” practice, to the tune of what ethical and eco-friendly standards are noted for.

Featuring a number of eco-developed products, the celebration also brought classes geared to endorse the best practices of sustainable planting, along with sewing classes, which are more inclined spreading sewing techniques and principles pertaining to the creation of eco-friendly fashion items.

Some 18 months prior to the actual event, the Russian Environmental Movement known as ECA had organized an Eco Fashion Weekend dubbed “Go Green!”. The event proved to be a success, leading to the inception of the Eco Fashion Week.

Being Russia’s first Eco Fashion Week, the event aimed to spread the upsides of eco-awareness, in helping maintain the world’s ecologic balance to be free from toxic compounds and elements.

Headed by Marina Kokorina, the Eco Fashion Week did well in living up to its eco-friendly inclinations, standing as a noteworthy hallmark for the eco-fashion industry as a whole.

“Our plans are to develop the Russian Eco Fashion Week as a separate brand into an important annual event held by our movement. Now that the week is over, we are planning to stage a whole range of other events – workshops, conferences, mini fashion shows as part of other events – during the year running up to the next Eco Fashion Week,” shared Kokorina.

With more and more brands sporting eco-friendly inclined advocacies into their day to day operations, more and more nations are organizing their eco fashion week versions, in support for the cause backed by eco-friendly and eco-sustainable standards and norms.

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