Naturally Advanced Technologies’ Crailar to roll out by Spring 2013

With an announced initial delivery figure of 100,000 pounds, Naturally Advanced Technologies’ Crailar fabric is scheduled to roll out by Spring 2013, heralding a new age for naturally derived fibers utilized in the making of fabrics and textiles.

Defined as a natural fiber made from bast and flax, Natrually Advanced Technologies is known to be the supplier of the Target retail chain of stores, and with the development of Crailar, the announced initial delivery figure is a huge promise for better and more natural fibers finding their way into a myriad of consumer clothing and apparel items.

The partnership agreement between the two defines the utilization of the Crailar Flax at a retail level, involving its use in the creation of various items including shower curtains, sheets, window treatments, table linens, towels and decorative pillows.

“Target has been an exemplary partner – quick to identify the performance characteristics of Crailar, and collaborative about developing an ingredient brand strategy that makes sense for its product line,” shares Ken Barker, CEO of Naturally Advanced Technologies.

“We believe this partnership and its retail execution will set a strong benchmark going forward for how we would like to see our go to market strategy executed,” Barker further shares.

As a partner, Target is the first vertically integrated retailer to have ties with Naturally Advanced Technologies, though Naturally Advanced Technologies does have separate agreements with other brands like Georgia-Pacific, Brilliant Global Knitwear and HanesBrands.

All in all, the said initial delivery is the first of a chain reaction of deliveries, given the benefits linked with opting for natural fibers in the creation of fabrics and textiles.

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