Orgava – Made in Cleveland

Positioned as an eco-friendly children’s clothing line, Orgava recently celebrated its launch, spearheaded by Cleveland-area based women who took it upon themselves to do something for the environment and children’s fashion industry.

Headed by Foroozan Alaeddini, Orgava is a play of the words “organic” and “Ava”, the name of Alaeddini’s daughter, and is positioned as a brand which resolves parental woes pertaining to poor construction and bad cuts/fits when it comes to clothing options for girls.

Featuring a line of kids’ wear sporting timeless sophisticated designs, Orgava is intent on churning out functional yet chic children’s wear items which are built under eco-friendly standards and conventions. Locally produced, Orgava’s products are made to withstand the rigors of rough wear and regular washing, with seams and worn-out fabric areas NOT readily breaking apart after short periods of time.

“We wanted to create a high-end look for girls that’s super comfortable and easy for them to wear,” shares Alaeddini, who maintains Orgava with Kent State University Fashion School graduate, Amanda Cowsert.

Utilizing renewable resources like tagua nuts as buttons, Orgava opts for the use of sustainable fabrics and natural dyes or pigments, and sources materials locally, thereby not only coming up with quality eco-friendly children’s fashion wear items, but also contributes to the continued economic growth of local suppliers of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Though currently specializing on the creation of children’s wear items for girls, Orgava is well in the position to cater to other eco-fashion markets, and isn’t closed to the idea of extending its product line to include women’s and men’s wear.

For now, parents in search for quality organic fashion items for their girls can find great finds in Orgava.

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