PowerCloth’s Power

Developed by Exotic Solar, the PowerCloth 1G is an interesting innovation, designed as a “wearable solar-power generator” which users or wearers can utilize as a portable power source for charging portable smart devices.

Made with flexible and ultra-light variants of the board-like photovoltaic solar panels, the PowerCloth G1 can yield a power output close to 700 milliamperes, and can easily charge a standard mobile phone or portable device in three hours time.

A complementary accessory for the PowerCloth G1 comes in a 1,800 milliampere/hour battery pack (lithium-ion), which allows users to use the device to power gadgets and LED lamps at night.

Exotic Solar worked with nanotechnology researchers based in the University of Utah in developing the PowerCloth G1’s flexible solar panels. High-efficiency solar cells were embedded into polymer matrixes, then reinforced with grapheme and fibergralls, making the panels pliable yet sturdy.

Weighing less than 3 ounces, the PowerCloth G1 is truly lightweight, and can be effectively worn over shirts or backpacks. The cloth element of PowerCloth G1 can be separated from its solar cell element, allowing users to easily wash the product without risking any water damage to its electric components.

“Sun gives us tremendous amount of energy every day,” shares Surabhi Pandey, CEO, Exotic Solar.

“If we can convert even a tiny part of that into useful electricity, it will fulfill all our electricity needs. This is the promise, riding on which photovoltaic industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industry in the world.”

As an eco-friendly apparel accessory, the PowerCloth G1 by Exotic Solar takes on a different approach in the ideals of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion and apparel products.

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