Condoms: A Look at How Things Have Changed

If you look at how condoms have evolved over the years, it’s hard not be amazed at how far they have come. Ever since rubber latex was first used to manufacture condoms in the late 19th century, condoms have taken the world by storm, with many manufacturers creating their own condom versions to test the efficiency and usefulness of latex. Today, there are literally hundreds of different condom types and designs, all targeted at different people and different tastes.

Variety not a Problem

If you’ve stuck to just one brand of condom all these years, then you’re definitely missing out. With the sheer variety of condom styles and “designs” in the market, you’re bound to have fun choosing which condom you want to use. Variety is clearly not a problem these days, especially if you’re looking for something to spice up your sex life.

Manufacturers Getting Adventurous

Manufacturers, you see, have realized that condoms don’t have to be the boring contraceptive method that offer the dual purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancy and keeping sexually transmitted diseases and HIV away. Condoms aren’t exactly the most fun things to wear in the world, as many men would attest to, so in an effort to remove the boredom factor of condoms, companies have taken it upon themselves to develop and design new styles of condoms, helping users to never grow tired of using them. Besides, adding a fun factor to condoms is a good way of promoting safe sex, and it helps increase the market share of condom makers.

Condom Examples

Gone are the days of the plain rubber latex condom. Today you have a variety of unique condom styles out there. For the man looking for something fun yet not too wild, you have ribbed and flavored condoms. For extra sensation, condoms with swirl tips are designed to add friction to the head of the penis. Even environment and animal friendly organic condoms have been developed to appease an important segment of the condom-buying crowd.

The Bottom Line

When it comes right down to it, condoms are a very small price to pay next to bringing an unplanned for child into this world and contracting an incurable sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes or HIV. If you don’t like the condoms you’re using now, go ahead and experiment. Try other styles out and find a condom that works for you. You owe it to your partner and yourself to engage in safe, protected sex.

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