Frietag Innovations

Bags continue to be among the more “confusing” of accessories, given the fact that they can both be fashionable and functional at the same time, with different followers giving more value in either the function or form of a given item.

But however bags are perceived, one factor remains to be an essential variable in deeming a given product’s overall rating as a quality item – its durability.

It is in here where Frietag has managed to combine elements of high fashion, standards of eco-friendly and eco sustainable practices and durability where the brand shines.

Famed for utilizing recycled materials in the creation of fashionable and functional bags, Frietag’s approach to innovative design and construction has earned it a spot as a quality eco-friendly maker of quality bags for different persons from different walks of life.

Take its “snakeskin bag” for example, a product that sports the look and feel of actual genuine snakeskin, sans the involvement of any real snakes in its construction. Sourcing vintage tarpaulins, Freitag’s snakeskin bag is one that is borne from smart solutions finding, one that is worthy of praise.

Fashionable, functional and made under sustainable standards, Freitag’s snakeskin bag is no different, in terms of construction protocols, from its heralded “Fringe” bags, which are basically backpacks made utilizing reused tarpaulins and used seatbelts.

With all of their products looking good and with the added value of durability and functionality, Freitag’s example in thinking out of the box deems it as an efficient brand that carries sustainable standards into is day to day operations, a brand that is worthy of your attention and following, given its impressive line of quality products.

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