Stella McCartney’s new lingerie line

As Stella McCartney has long proven that she is not just the daughter of one of the Beatles but also a powerhouse designer who knows the ins and outs of functional and beautiful forms, the designer’s new line – called “Stella” – has been quickly making waves, with its organic cotton construction and low-price attributes.

With the line defined to be a combination of silk with French Calais lace, the eco-friendly collection is made with recycled metal hardware, along with the utilization of organic materials cut and designed for the “nearly nude wearing experience”.

Consisting of varied lingerie varieties, the line consists of five bra shapes which includes, low plunge, strapless, seamless, underwire-free and molded underwire, each available in lace-inspired fabrics, meshes and smooth finishes.

Fit and comfort were the first aspects McCartney had looked into in designing all the products featured under the “Stella” line. Designed for everyday wear, the items featured in the collection are developed against certain industry standards, like bra cups measuring a typical thickness of 12mm, with “Stella” cups measuring only 8mm, making them lighter and more comfortable.

As a designer, Stella McCartney stands to be one of the “heavyweights” in the design arena to have ascribed the eco-sensible approach in the creation of fashion and apparel items.

From evening gowns, day to day shirts and shorts, McCartney’s new “Stella” collection showcases a distinct and unique take in the creation of lingerie items, one which deems them as applicable for everyday wear, comfortable for women to wear, and eco-friendly in their production and manufacturing standards and operations.

The line is to debut within the month, and is certainly worth looking out for once it hits stores soon.

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