Charlie Banana’s new Organic Solution

Charlie Banana, the internationally known brand for luxury hybrid cloth diapers, had recently added a new addition to its famed line of organic and eco-friendly baby products, taking shape in Charlie Banana’s new biodegradable and paraben-free laundry detergent.

Developed to be specifically used with cloth diapers, the new detergent is consistent with Charlie Banana’s drive in pushing for eco-friendly alternatives which all bear upsides, none of the downsides.

Charlie Banana’s new Organic Solution
Dubbed as the Charlie Banana Laundry Soap, its name may not inspire a lot of awe, but as a product, the new Charlie Banana Laundry Soap is one which effectively cleans with no residue left behind, making it perfect for households with newborns whose skins are ultra sensitive to external elements.

“Our goal was to develop a non-toxic detergent free of parabens, ultraviolet brighteners, phosphates and rinses clean – basically all the things that cause rashes and other skin irritations,” shares Gaëlle Wizenberg, CEO of Winc Design Inc.

“The beauty of this detergent is it fits our brand philosophy to constantly develop products that parents can confidently use on their entire family.”

With all the emphasis and focus given to the creation of organic fashion and apparel items, an increase in the development of eco-friendly detergents and soaps have also grown in congruence, a match that fits well with the eco-sensible drives which are propelling more brands to go organic.

With brands like Charlie Banana thinking beyond the bounds of creating organic fashion and apparel items, things are truly looking good for those who are intent in realizing the 100% sustainable aspiration and norm.

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