Japanese Firms strengthen India’s Organic Cotton Industry

Close to 30,000 farmers in India are now more in the position of facilitating the farming procedures of organic cotton crops, thanks to the help of two Japan-based companies.

Kurkku and Itochu, through the United Nation’s Business Call initiative, have pledged to help expand the Pre Organic Cotton Programme, a program with ensures that a higher price value is tagged on pre-certified organic cotton.

Japanese Firms strengthen India’s Organic Cotton Industry

Given that the standard time to earn a certification standing takes as long as three years, the entire shift from standard cotton to organic cotton farming/production is quite costly for farmers, matched with the more challenging tasks, procedures and requirements involved in maintaining organic cotton crops.

Also, apart from the challenges faced in the maintenance of organic crops, the issue of price in terms of their sale has been long one-sided, with many farmers coerced to sell them at lower prices while still awaiting for their certification approvals.

With the Pre Organic Cotton Programme and its two new pledges, farmers in India no longer have to sell their crops short while awaiting for certification, an upside that truly does help low-income farmers who are still in the process of getting themselves certified.

In India, cotton crops are pegged to take as much as 5% of the nation’s farmlands, but as industry surveys would note, standard cotton farming accounts to more than half of the entire country’s annual pesticide use figures. Given the environmental risks and dangers pesticides are known to introduce into the ecosystem, going organic with the growth of cotton has understandably become a priority.

With the help of Kurkku, Itochu, the Business Call initiative and Pre Organic Programme, organic cotton farmers in India are ensured that they get their just compensation for the lessened contribution of chemicals and pesticides into the atmosphere.

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