The US’ recycling scheme to address textile production waste

With the alarming growth rate of the waste generated by the United States’ textile production industries, the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency had recently revealed statistical data which has driven for the implementation of newer and better recycling schemes.

Though the attention directed towards the recycling of post consumer textiles and other unwanted fabrics has not really been considered to be quick and fast, the launch of pilot interventions and initiatives geared to address the concern has led to different eco-friendly projects, programs and strategies, including the recycled utilization of old textiles as eco-friendly home insulation items.
US recycling scheme
With statistics taken from the United State’s Environmental Protection Agency noting that 13.1 million tons of textile wastage was accumulated in 2010, figures pertaining to municipal solid waste generation/figures are also at high volume rates.

Given the fact that the fashion, clothing and accessories industries are among the key active industries in the country, the move is considered to be a smart and realistic one, though critics have been quick in questioning why it took so long for any programs and initiatives to be put in play.

With the same statistics gathered in 2010 noting that a total of 14% recovery rate of all industry-released textile products (which is roughly the equivalent of 2 million tons), the criticisms over the lateness of such initiatives can be pegged as justifiable, but not altogether a cause for people not to do their part in helping recover as much refuse textile products possible.

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