The Music Industry’s role in eco-fashion – Playbutton

Though not exactly an eco-fashion accessory, nor exactly a product driven by the factors and initiatives which has propelled sustainable consciousness to a higher state of mind, Playbutton’s products stand as a unique complement for organic clothing items, a fashion accessory that is unassuming, unobtrusive and convenient to use.

Simply put, Playbutton’s “players” are buttons with portable media player capabilities.

Think of them as the smallest iPod there is, only shaped in the form of a button, which a wearer can put on all sorts of fabric types for different clothes.

Playbutton – The portable MP3 player that you put on

Designed with its own rechargeable battery and matched with its simple range of media playback control buttons, Playbutton’s showcase products are essentially buttons which users can readily pin and put on.

Simple and direct in its construction, it is one of those products which have led many into thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

With its safety pin, a user can either put the Playbutton on his/her shirt, bag, pants, or any other item that is on his or her person, put on his or her headphones, and the press play. It’s as simple as that.

“Stealthy” in its overall design, the Playbutton’s form is not as “loud” as standard portable media players are, allowing users and wearers the capacity to still combine their preferred fashion accessories without necessarily having their looks botched with a player sticking out somewhere.

Given its “wear based form”, the Playbuttons stands to be a perfect match for power-producing apparel items, like those showcased by Sonar Charge.

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