Leaving Stylish Green Imprints on the Fashion Industry

Although it is not at all easy to take the “green” road less travelled by in the fashion industry, it is still worth the try. In Toronto Canada, the green awareness is taking the fashion world by surprise as more and more believers of eco-friendly designs come into the open. They are pushing to create an eco-friendly niche and are strongly driven to take this into mainstream.
green imprints on the Fashion Industry
With this, an eco- fashion studio in Toronto’s Distillery District is put up to solely live up to this purpose of going green in fashion. Footwear from recycled tires, clothing from organic cotton, handcrafted accessory from old beads and silver are all displayed in this small studio space. As the city’s first eco fashion showroom it boasts of strengthening their commitment to eco-friendliness.

The new showroom is headed by the members-based Canadian organization, “Fashion Takes Action”, which is committed to create a green impact on the fashion industry. According to “Fashion Takes Action” founder and chairman, Kelly Drennan in the Huffington Post, “Though eco is a defining factor for them, they do consider themselves first and foremost designers. It’s always about style and the progressiveness and innovation… in some ways more than it is about the fabric or their eco-story. And that’s an added bonus.”

She also added, “Sustainable clothing shouldn’t look any different. It’s the story behind the garment where you actually discover that it’s sustainable.”

There’s more to these green imprints that meet the eye. Leaving stylish green imprints on the fashion industry is more than just making a statement. It is also reinforcing the preservation of the environment through recycling, re-using and reducing.

With the awareness of eco-friendly fabric sources, there are more stylish and innovative garments that are produced. In fact, you would no longer determine the hippie tops made out of burlap sacks, because they would look exactly like the fashionable attractive ones that we are all used to wearing.

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