The Ayuvastra Healing Fabrics Brand

Based in Ireland, Ayuvastra Healing Fabrics has been keen on showcasing quality yoga wear products, leisure wear items, baby wear options, and linens for beds all made under the standards of eco-friendliness.

Headed by Aslam Noor and Ema Staunton, the brand’s name is taken from the Indian technique of textile dying, successfully working with medicinal herbs. With the said technique taking root from a 5,000 year old healthcare system in India, the technique is revealed to be a branch of Ayurveda.
Ayuvastra Healing Fabrics
Ayuvastra Healling Fabrics’ heads are working in conjunction with the Kerala Weaving cooperative in implementing certain dyeing techniques and modes which had been traditionally passed down from ayurvedic physicians, resulting to the brand’s unique take on quality leisure and baby wear.

As such, the brand’s vision encompasses the promotion of eco awareness and sustainable practices, as well as voices out its support for traditional methods which have been used in the creation of certain garments and fabrics.

With the dyeing processes involved in the making of its products all free from synthetic chemicals, the brand’s line of products are also free from variants of toxic irritants, as well as made to be bio-degradable and organic in their inclinations.

Offering a diverse range of product color options, unique designs and the distinct comfort factors known to hail from organic materials, the brand is also keen on adding more products into their featured inventory, with plans to include organic silk in future releases and showcases.

For those on the lookout for quality organic wear, Ayuvastra Healing Fabrics has got something worthy of your attention.

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