Pinya-Eco Gown: A Classy Look at the Emmys

Who says the use of eco-friendly fabric cannot be practical, chic and classy all at the same time? When more fashion designers are going green and reinforcing this plight to the fashion industry is becoming more of a commitment than just for mere show, something must be cookin’ from within.

As far as Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino is concerned, showing off the talent and creativity of the Filipinos from simply transforming a raw material to an intricate piece of head-turning ensemble is a priceless work worth emulating.
“I want the whole world to know that we Filipinos can make beautiful clothes using the local fabric pina,” added Tolentino.

This was witnessed by many television fans worldwide during the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last Sunday, September 23, 2012. As part of Entertainment News program’s coverage of the Emmys, Extra host, Maria Menounos distinctively wore a beautiful yet eco-friendly gown designed by Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino. Maria made it a point to wear this fabulous gown to the Emmys after meeting Oliver and seeing his remarkable masterpiece. In fact, she had an online voting that went on days before the Emmys as to which gown was most suitable to don at the Emmys among three incredibly designed gowns. Two of the gowns by Oliver were eco and the other one was a crepe de chin. Many of the viewers participated in the voting and what came out the winner was the Greek-inspired blue strapless eco-friendly designed gown that was hand-woven from the delicate fiber of pineapple leaves from the Philippines.

Eco-friendly fashion is slowly becoming a statement. Along with Oliver Tolentino and the rest of eco-supportive designers, eco-friendly fashion may become a forthcoming niche in the fashion industry to reckon with.

According to Oliver Tolentino referring to his designs and creative work, “I incorporate eco into some of my designs because of my concern for the environment and to promote the centuries-old skills and talents of the weavers in my native Philippines.”

Tolentino’s expertise and love for the environment has earned him some prestigious awards the 2011 Featured Designer of eco-ethical endeavor Rags2Riches and the 2012 Sustainable Eco Fashion Award at Islands of the World Fashion Week in the Bahamas. His elegant, elaborate and carefully detailed designs had captivated the fashion industry and Hollywood pomp is no exception. His constant use of native fabrics from abaca plant, pineapple fibers, water-lily leaves, jure and raw silk cocoon has made Tolentino one of the most sought-after designers today.

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