Going Green with Kids’ Toys

While it is true that the next generation will inherit the earth that we live today, this question poses a stirring up — What will we, the people of the present bequeath our children with the way we have created our present world? What kind of stuff are we preparing to make their lives simpler and better? Are we doing the exact opposite, making life any harder on our children in the future?
eco friendly toys
You can start today by making a deliberate change in the way you choose your kids’ toys. Of course, you cannot allow your kids to swallow or chew any toxic substance much more an inedible piece of toy. When they are in the stage that they ‘mouth’ everything that comes into view, what motivation can help you ensure your kids’ safety and well-being?

Choosing the right kinds of toys is essential. Your kids’ toys should be safe, secure and most of all, green! It’s making a deliberate effort to conscientiously look for toys that are less toxic and safer for kids to play. You can go green with kids’ toys. Here are some notable tips:

1. Say NO to Plastic, YES to Wood – Cheap plastic toys are low in quality and are not safe for children especially when they chew these stuff. Plastic toys mostly contain PVC which is toxic. Scout for FSC-certified wood to find durable woods that can still be passed on to the next sibling.

2. Choose PVC – Free toys –PVC means polyvynil chloride. Almost everywhere we look we can find PVC as one of the components in many kids’ toys. You can find these in dolls, toy trucks, balls, and even rubber duckies, thus exposing our babies who love to bite those chewable, squeaky duckies. PVC releases toxins that can be linked to cancer and hormonal imbalance.

3. Avoid Toys with batteries or Any Power-Operated Toy – Kids love toys that move but they can live and play without it. Batteries are toxic and you wouldn’t want your kid to take out the batteries on their toys and chew on them, right? A simpler, wooden toy without noise can actually do the job!

Best of all, nothing beats taking a dip in the pool, a walk at the park and enjoy the great outdoors with the family. You can do without these toxic toys and introduce the fun behind playing at the backyard. Going Green with Kids’ Toys is a decision that you have to make.

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