Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping is Easy

The “Ber” months are here! Starting from September unto December, there are lots of gift-buying and
gift-giving. It is the time of the year, when people slowly collect items for give-away during Christmas.
When buying gifts, it is but natural to wrap them. What do you usually use in wrapping?

You can go green just by the act of wrapping gifts this Christmas! If you are buying an eco-friendly
product, all the more become consistent wrapping it the eco-friendly way! What do you use for
wrapping instead of grabbing the next Christmas wrapper you see at the counter? Would you like to use
the newspaper? How about the yellow pages?

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping is Easy

Well, you can always use a brown paper bag and decorate it, that’s the most conventional, but you can
think out of the box and make gift wrapping more exciting!

Start it out with the gift item. Purchase something that supports the green thing. Buy organic cosmetics
or organic vitamins. You can also choose an eco-friendly shirt or dress.

Choose an eco-friendly box. Don’t use the ones you can easily buy at the shops and bookstores. You can
try to find gift boxes in woven jute or hemp. These boxes are eco-friendly and can also be easily reused
and recycled.

Use organic paper for wrapping. When you have already figured out what box to use, look for an
organic paper for wrapping. You can also use recycled paper. These ones have smoother texture and
shinier appearance. There are also other choices of paper that come from banana fiber, hemp, bamboo
and many more even recycled tires. The print on the wrappers can be eco-friendly, too, you know!
Vegetable or soy print is available as well as chlorine-free paper is most recommended to stay away
from harmful chemicals that damage our environment. The ribbons on the gift can be recycled too in
the form of foil or yarn.

Gift-giving is fun when you know you have done your part in saving the Earth. With eco-friendly gifts and
gift-wrapping, not only will your gift be much appreciated by the recipient but also, it will benefit more
the environment.

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