Kiss Those Chapped Lips Goodbye with Organic Lip Balm

Most often than not, as the weather becomes cooler and cooler, there begins a discomfort on the lips
when it slowly gets chapped and dry. In case you don’t know, the lips have no oil glands, in other words,
unlike the rest of the skin and some parts of the body, the lips does not produce sebum. Other culprits,
however, can be brought about by the lack of vitamins, particularly vitamin D deficiency.

If you are one of the multitudes out there who take pains in trying out moisturizers and different kinds
of lip balm just to soothe the dryness and stinging sensation safely without causing harm to your soft,
supple lips, then the best lip balm is definitely most suitable for you.

Organic Lip Balm

When the weather is unfriendly, weather during summer (take note – the glorious sun and its UV rays
causes dry lips, too) or winter and your lips are beginning to chap off, it is essential to find the best
lip balm that does not only give momentary relief but also provide protection to your lips without
endangering your health.

Now, if you are reading this, you might be thinking: what is the best lip balm? Scouting for a lip balm is
easy, but looking for the best one, is not! The most common ingredient used in lip balms is petrolatum.
This goopy mineral oil jelly is helpful because of its moisturizing benefits but the beyond its façade is
a contaminant determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, known as polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs. Although countries like Canada and Europe disallow the use of PAHs in
cosmetics, there are still companies that manufacture products using these toxic substances.

Aside from the petrolatum ingredient, there are also harmful substances that include saccharin, mineral
oil and paraffin.

In finding the best lip balm to provide the much-needed moisturizer on the lips, choosing one with the
most natural ingredients can give you safety from harmful, toxic chemicals and allergens. Organic Lip
Balms are available in health shops and other green stores. One moisturizing lip balm that is safe from
synthetic ingredients is shea butter lip. It provides lip moisture and also nourished the lips to regain its
elasticity. All organic lip balms have ingredients made out from natural extracts like avocado, carrot,
hempseedm jojoba, aloe vera, cocoa butte , vitamin E and wild crafted beeswax.

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