Acting Green and Buying Green: What Difference Does it Make?

Thinking green and becoming eco-friendly can actually convert to two important things: acting green
and buying green. Although buying green is an act itself that comes from the need and awareness to
help save the Earth, you can still act “green” without the act of buying. In fact, it also takes additional
expense to buy green stuff in the effort of supporting eco-friendly products. What if you do not have the
budget for it? Does this limit you to help protect the environment?

To put it simply, there are a hundred and one ways to save Mother Earth by starting -out a few “green”
routines without having to easily resort to buy eco-friendly products. Don’t let this idea mislead you.
Yes, it is great to buy organic and eco-friendly products, but you can just start out a thing or two at
home without any act of purchase. This is not negating the support of eco-friendly products it is basically
just changing the mind-set in promoting a green and healthy lifestyle.

Acting Green and Buying Green

At home, almost all appliances utilize energy. Although you can use solar power and other energy-saving
devices (of course, these are good practices no doubt!), you can also do some sacrificial tasks from your

Let’s take a little introspection here. How many minutes do you stay in the shower? Is 15 minutes barely
enough? Is 30 minutes to 45 minutes, beyond indulgence? You can help save water by decreasing the
time in the shower. Perhaps a regular 20 minute bath can be reduced to 10 minutes. Viable, don’t you
think? Water-saving, do you agree?

By changing your regular bulbs to LED is a great move but how about maintaining the regular bulb and
re-scheduling the time and length of its use? You see, you can always turn on the incandescent lights
only when you need it most like around 5:30pm when you need to do some chores in the kitchen for
dinner prep. While waiting for the rest of the family to come home and when the kitchen stuff is done,
you can turn off the lights by 6pm. What do you think? Does this sound new to you?

How about washing clothes? You can wear an outfit at least two times before throwing it in the washer,
you know. Not only will you save some water but energy as well. In your own little way, you can still
act “green”. By doing some extra effort in saving the Earth, it will go a long way when the time comes.

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