Making sex more interesting with condoms

If you need a little spark in your sex life, changing condoms might just do the trick for you and your partner. Some people underestimate the power of this little piece of rubber that can save you from a life threatening illness and an unplanned pregnancy.

Interestingly enough, some condoms are actually designed to make your sexual experience a bit more interesting. There are hundreds of types of condoms out there, from organic condoms to super thin condoms that you don’t even feel that you’re wearing. Here are a few tips on using them for fun.

organic condoms

Shapes and textures

A condom doesn’t have to be a lifeless, boring piece of rubber that you put on. There are condoms that have interesting textures and shapes that add a different feeling when you’re having sex. You can be adventurous and use the ones that have small spikes on the tip or the ones that have small dots on the outside surface. Some textured condoms also have texture on the inside of the condom to give a different feel to it.


Condoms also come in different flavors. Everything from mocha frapachino to strawberry cheesecake, you can find a variety of condom flavors. Some flavored condoms actually do have flavors and are a bit sweet while others just have the scent to it. Flavored condoms help make oral sex interesting and some of them actually do taste good.


If you want to feel more and experience a lighter condom, then try out an extra thin condom. Most condom brands have a line of extra of super thin condoms that still provide the same protection, but are thinner than most condoms are. This means that putting them on and using them feels like nothing at all.

Different materials

Although latex is the most common material use to make condoms, there are other types of condoms made from natural rubber and even organic condoms which are made from sheep intestine. These have a different sensation to them compared to latex condoms, and organic condoms are only good as a form of contraceptive and don’t really give you much protection against STDs, but they feel different when being used so try them out.


Some condoms also come with little sex toys like vibrating rings that you can use. Some people might freak out and find this strange but don’t knock it till you try it. You might just find your sex life more enjoyable.

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