Dog Leash Goes Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, eco- friendly products are not just limited to health, beauty, fashion and more but taking care of pets is also starting to go green. The dog leash is useful in many ways. These items come in a variety based on the activity of the dog. There are walking dog leashes, training dog leashes, tracking dog leashes, show dog leases and many more. However, an eco-friendly dog leash is starting to make waves because of its making good use for the environment.

Traditional leashes have their wear and tear and mostly made of nylon which is the stronger type and most commonly preferred by most dog owners because of its durability and functionality. Simple metal chains are also popular dog leashes that tarnish and discolor after constant use. Braided leather leashes are also utilized but usually snaps after some time.

Dog Leash Goes Eco-Friendly

On the other hand, the eco-friendly dog leash is an innovation in itself which offers better service and options than the traditional leashes. The Power Generating Dog Leash works perfectly well especially if your prefer walking your dogs at night. Brought to you by Fido Fashions, this Power Generating Dog Leash is sustained by the coil and recoil of the leash which produces a special lubricant or juice that is mainly needed for the LEDs that light-up brightly.

This one comes with three LED for night walks, making ease of walk at night more manageable and safer. It is useful and functional, working completely on its own with its powerful LED lights. The good news is that the Power Generating Dog Leash charges without battery and charging the energy for the LEDs is super simple.

Another great feature that comes with this wonderful eco-friendly innovation is a storage space that can keep your dog’s poop bags. When your doggy feels like it, the convenience of a well-kept poop bag saves you from undue stress.

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