Do You Know there are Eco Friendly Phones?

Just about everyone have cellphones. In fact, statistics show, 75% of the world’s population has mobile phones. According to a new study from the World Bank in their July 2012 issue, “Around three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants now have access to a mobile phone and the mobile communications story is moving to a new level, which is not so much about the phone but how it is used. The number of mobile subscriptions in use worldwide, both pre-paid and post-paid has grown from fewer than 1 billion in 2000 to over 6 billion now, of which nearly 5 billion in developing countries. Ownership of multiple subscriptions is becoming increasingly common, suggesting that their number will soon exceed that of the human population.”

This is not a blog regarding cellphones per se but the reinforcement of making this mighty electronic material into a wonderful tool that can help keep and save the planet. An irony it may seem to be, but despite its framework and make-up and considerations of some hazardous materials to create it, there are in fact eco-friendly phones that are already out in the market today. By 2017, green cellphones will be up in full-swing with an estimated 400 million green cellphones as target.

Eco Friendly Phones
Well, despite this progress, where can we possibly find green cellphones and how can we decipher one from the other? Right now, it would be a daunting task to know one by one, however, here are some bits and pieces of information to help you get the eco-friendly phone that is great for the environment:

Buy Used Phones – In the United Stated alone, over 140 million cellphone users have upgraded their phones and have resulted to a surplus of hardly-used cellphone that could have been used. If you love the planet, do not buy new phones, opt for the used ones. The green and eco-friendly cellphone we are talking about here is definitely the used one. Check out Ebay and other sites that offer great deals on used cellphones. With this, you can help minimize the heaping pile in the landfill.

Buy an iPhone – If you cannot really help it, then buy the iPhone. It is a functional phone that can be a camera, a phone, an iPod, a GPS, calculator, e-reader, electronic planner and even a karaoke. With its many apps you can be environment friendly and consolidating your gadgets into one piece of equipment is a great green move. This saves you a lot from buying all these gadgets separately so having one smartphone makes you buy less and less electronics which is beneficial to the environment as a whole.

Try the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate – Of the many trusted manufacturers, Samsung is said to be the “king” of green cellphones production. It produces new models each year and this time, the Galaxy Exhilarate, is made out of 80-percent consumer waste material and also has a more efficient charger. It is also made more affordable for people to buy.

Introducing the Micromax – This is one solar powered cellphone with a camera, a dual SIM set-up and Bluetooth connectivity. A maximum of 3 hours of sun is required to fire it up with over 90 minutes of talk time. Great savings on electricity, isn’t it?

Recycle Your Phone – Why buy when you can refurbish your own phone. Not only will it save you a lot of money but also help the earth to be a better place to live in.

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