Biodiesel made Partly from Algae

Do having algae in your gas tank sound a good idea? If you care for the environment enough, better use a new kind of biodiesel that is much safer compared to the rest. This particular fuel is found in California that is being produced and marketed by Solazyme, wherein it is a 20-percent algae-based fuel. Although there are other algae-based products, so far this is the very first time that it has been used a fuel for cars.

Biodiesel made Partly from Algae
Since many of us have been looking for the best alternative to fossil fuels, this is a blessing in disguise even if this is just a trial run for a month long pilot program. This particular fuel is much safer to the environment emitting only 10 percent fewer hydrocarbons, 30 percent lesser particulates and 20 percent much lesser carbon monoxide as compared to other available biodiesels including ethanol.

Substitutes to fossil fuels are kind of rare and having plant based alternatives are a welcome innovation. Plants absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and mature and algae most especially can be able to more fuel per unit than any other biofuel can produce. With this said, growing more algae could not affect concerns of dwelling space since these aquatic plants live in water and they do not compete for the land area that is utilized for agriculture and other plant-based products the way ethanol requires.

However, the company Solazyme actually did not make the use of land area and even ponds to grow these algae to which they produce their biofuel from. In fact they grow and cultivate the algae indoors away from the heat of the sun and provides them sugars which they take-in through fermentation and transforming it to fuel. This method, compared to initially growing in ponds and other water enclosures is more economical and cost-effective, helping the company to be more productive in the long run.

One can just hope and keep fingers crossed that this biodiesel will be available for good and not just a pilot program that would only last a month or two.

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