Eco-friendly Holiday Gifts to Consider

The most wonderful time of the year is here. Christmas is indeed the best time of the year to share and give gifts but sad to say, it is the time of gathering many trash and waste brought about by season of giving itself.

According to Huffington Post from Recycle, “The accumulated waste per household increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” This means that most Americans throw and junk into their trash cans about 4 million tons of shopping bags and gift wrapping and other trash from the Yuletide season.

Organic Items
There is so much focus and concentration on gift-giving that sometimes consumerism is being promoted instead of celebrating the real spirit of Christmas. In the same article it further showed that Americans buy 2.65 billion holiday cards per year and spends an average of $800 per person on Christmas gifts.

Why not do something different this time? You can always contribute in your own little way by lessening the trash through the use of environmentally friendly products that are available in the market. Here are some innovative ideas to give as gifts this Christmas:

  • Clothes – these items will never be absent as gifts this season but instead of buying the usual, opt for eco-friendly clothing. The fashion industry is beginning to go green and you can just search online for eco-friendly brands that are becoming increasingly popular. Since the fashion industry has been one of the biggest waste producers, it is now the best time to shift gear and adapt eco-friendly fashion to our own system.


  • Baby clothes – there is an eco-friendly baby clothing that is made from all-natural soybean protein and organic cotton. Why buy the ones in the store when you can have one that is safe for baby and Mother Nature?
  • Luggage and Bags – consider buying a bag made from recyclable materials. There are bags made from seatbelts and vinyl to produce distinctive bags that are eco-friendly and practical!
  • Wallets – these are the most common and very convenient items to buy. Try to search for a wallet made from hemp since hemp is the most eco-friendly with few pesticides used and goes through carbon neutral production.
  • Candles – choose the one that lights and refreshes and not candles that burn your lungs with synthetic and harmful chemicals.

There are still a hundred and one eco-friendly items to give this Christmas season. These are just the basics.

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