What Do you Do When a Condom Breaks?

Accidents happen. And when they do, it’s normal to panic and not know what to do. When it comes to condoms breaking, you just have to keep calm and clean the mess up. But what do you do after? Especially since th fear of an STI or an STD and an unplanned pregnancy might linger at the back of your mind, causing you stress.

Historical Facts about Condoms
Here are a few steps that you can do after a condom breaks.

Morning after HIV prevention

Most people use a condom to protect themselves from an STD, especially form HIV. Try to get tested and check if you’ve been infected. HIV can be prevented with a postexposure prophylaxis or PEP treatment. This treatment lasts for a month and is more effective when taken right away. Preventing an HIV infection after a condom breaks should be your main propriety, especially if you’re not sure about your partner’s status. This is also a good treatment to take especially if your partner had used organic condoms, which is only good as a contraceptive and not as protection.

Morning after pregnancy prevention

Women who have worries about getting pregnant when a condom breaks can still take in a morning after pill. This is usual referred to the “plan B” pill or emergency contraception and can prevent a pregnancy when taken within the next 72 hours after sexual intercourse. Some women would even keep these pills with them just in case. Side effects of the plan B pill would include menstrual changes, headache, fatigue,abdominal pain,vomiting and nausea.

Avoid any future accidents

You can prevent future accidents from appending by making sure the condoms you’re using are new. The biggest reason why condoms break is because they were expired when used. Always check the expiry date on the condom before opening it. Be careful when you open a pack of condoms since you could puncture it or tear it.

You should also know what type of material the condom is made out of. Some condoms are thinner compared to others, such as organic condoms, so you need to be extra careful when handling them. Another way to prevent accidents from happening would be to use lubricants and the right sized condom. Water based lubricants are better compared to oil based ones since oil and latex don’t mix well other. In fact, you could even end up ripping a latex condom with oil lubricants, which have been found to degrade latex.

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